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BMC Series Focus Issue: Water

New Content Item © © borgognielsIn celebration of World Environment Day on the 5th June,  the BMC Series presents a focus issue on Water and Sanitation.  Water and sanitation are at the core of sustainable development and have a significant impact on poverty, economic growth and the environment. Billions of people still lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation, with the situation being made worse by the effects of climate change.  The COVID-19 pandemic poses an additional threat to people’s access to safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene services; these are all essential in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. We have collated open-access content from across our journals to highlight research into clean water, investigating links between water and health and our overall relationship with water.

By sharing this research, we wish to sNew Content Itemupport the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on SDG6 Water and Sanitation and highlight content that could make a difference to solving global problems.

Comparative whole-genome and proteomics analyses of the next seed bank and the original master seed bank of MucoRice-CTB 51A line, a rice-based oral cholera vaccine
Ai Sasou, Yoshikazu Yuki, Ayaka Honma, Kotomi Sugiura, Koji Kashima, Hiroko Kozuka-Hata, Masanori Nojima, Masaaki Oyama, Shiho Kurokawa, Shinichi Maruyama, Masaharu Kuroda, Shinjiro Tanoue, Narushi Takamatsu, Kohtaro Fujihashi, Eiji Goto & Hiroshi Kiyono 
BMC Genomics 22, 59 (2021) 

Association of nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene practices with children’s nutritional status, intestinal parasitic infections and diarrhoea in rural Nepal: a cross-sectional study
Akina Shrestha, Jeanne Six, Dikshya Dahal, Sara Marks & Regula Meierhofer 
BMC Public Health 20, 1241 (2020) 

Description of the targeted water supply and hygiene response strategy implemented during the cholera outbreak of 2017–2018 in Kinshasa, DRC
Didier Bompangue, Sandra Moore, Nadège Taty, Benido Impouma, Bertrand Sudre, Richard Manda, Thierno Balde, Franck Mboussou & Thierry Vandevelde 
BMC Infectious Diseases 20, 226 (2020) 

Novel risk factors for primary prevention of oesophageal carcinoma: a case-control study from Sri Lanka
Ishanka Ayeshwari Talagala, Metthananda Nawarathne & Carukshi Arambepola 
BMC Cancer 18, 1135 (2018) 

Formative research for the development of baby water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions for young children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (REDUCE program)
Jennifer Kuhl, Lucien Bisimwa, Elizabeth D. Thomas, Camille Williams, Joseph Ntakirutimana, Nicole Coglianese, Sarah Bauler, Ruthly François, Presence Sanvura, Jean Claude Bisimwa, Patrick Mirindi & Christine Marie George 
BMC Public Health 21, 427 (2021) 

Intestinal parasitosis, anaemia and risk factors among pre-school children in Tigray region, northern Ethiopia
Araya Gebreyesus Wasihun, Mekonen Teferi, Letemichal Negash, Javier Marugán, Dejen Yemane, Kevin G. McGuigan, Ronan M. Conroy, Haftu Temesgen Abebe & Tsehaye Asmelash Dejene 
BMC Infectious Diseases 20, 379 (2020)

Population structure and transmission modes of indigenous typhoid in Taiwan
Kai-Yu Wang, De-Jen Lee, Shian-Sen Shie & Chih-Jung Chen 
BMC Medical Genomics 12, 126 (2019)

Whole genome sequencing of Nontuberculous Mycobacterium (NTM) isolates from sputum specimens of co-habiting patients with NTM pulmonary disease and NTM isolates from their environment
Jung-Ki Yoon, Taek Soo Kim, Jong-Il Kim & Jae-Joon Yim 
BMC Genomics 21, 322 (2020) 

Factors associated with occurrence of salmonellosis among children living in Mukuru slum, an urban informal settlement in Kenya
Cecilia Mbae, Moses Mwangi, Naomi Gitau, Tabitha Irungu, Fidelis Muendo, Zilla Wakio, Ruth Wambui, Susan Kavai, Robert Onsare, Celestine Wairimu, Ronald Ngetich, Frida Njeru, Sandra Van Puyvelde, John Clemens, Gordon Dougan & Samuel Kariuki 
BMC Infectious Diseases 20,  422 (2020) 

Characterization and genomic analysis of a diesel-degrading bacterium, Acinetobacter calcoaceticus CA16, isolated from Canadian soil
Margaret T. Ho, Michelle S. M. Li, Tim McDowell, Jacqueline MacDonald & Ze-Chun Yuan 
BMC Biotechnology volume 20, Article number: 39 (2020)

Quantitative microbial risk assessment for waterborne pathogens in a wastewater treatment plant and its receiving surface water body
Joshua Mbanga, Akebe Luther King Abia, Daniel Gyamfi Amoako & Sabiha. Y. Essack 
BMC Microbiology 20, 346 (2020)

Microbial diversity characterization of seawater in a pilot study using Oxford Nanopore Technologies long-read sequencing
M. Liem, T. Regensburg-Tuïnk, C. Henkel, H. Jansen & H. Spaink 
BMC Research Notes 14, 42 (2021)

Process optimization and effect of thermal, alkaline, H2O2 oxidation and combination pretreatment of sewage sludge on solubilization and anaerobic digestion
Salar Siami, Behnoush Aminzadeh, Razieh Karimi & Seyed Mostafa Hallaji 
BMC Biotechnology 20, 21 (2020)

Copper doped zeolite composite for antimicrobial activity and heavy metal removal from waste water
Feleke Terefe Fanta, Amare Aregahegn Dubale, Dawit Firemichael Bebizuh & Minaleshewa Atlabachew 
BMC Chemistry 13, 44 (2019) 

Impact of long-term industrial contamination on the bacterial communities in urban river sediments
Lei Zhang, Demei Tu, Xingchen Li, Wenxuan Lu & Jing Li 
BMC Microbiology 20, 254 (2020)

Pharmaceuticals and personal care products in water and wastewater: a review of treatment processes and use of photocatalyst immobilized on functionalized carbon in AOP degradation
Adewumi Olufemi Oluwole, Elizabeth Oyinkansola Omotola & Olatunde Stephen Olatunji 
BMC Chemistry 14, 62 (2020) 

Effects of industrial effluents on the quality of water in Namanve stream, Kampala Industrial and Business Park, Uganda
Christopher Angiro, Patrick P’Odyek Abila & Timothy Omara 
BMC Research Notes 13, 220 (2020)

Development and application of tools to cost the delivery of environmental health services in healthcare facilities: a financial analysis in urban Malawi
Darcy M. Anderson, Ryan Cronk, Emily Pak, Precious Malima, David Fuente, J. Wren Tracy, Innocent Mofolo, Holystone Kafanikhale, Irving Hoffman & Jamie Bartram 
BMC Health Services Research 21, 329 (2021) 

The high photocatalytic efficiency and stability of LaNiO3/g-C3N4 heterojunction nanocomposites for photocatalytic water splitting to hydrogen
Changyu Ye, Rui Wang, Haoyu Wang & Fubin Jiang 
BMC Chemistry 14, 65 (2020) 

Lessons learned from conducting six multi-country mixed-methods effectiveness research studies on water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) interventions in humanitarian response
Daniele Lantagne, Lilian Lehmann, Travis Yates, Karin Gallandat, Mustafa Sikder, Marta Domini & Gabrielle String 
BMC Public Health 21, 560 (2021) 

Improvement of growth performance of Amorpha fruticosa under contrasting regime of water and fertilizer in coal-contaminated spoils using response surface methodology
Rana Roy, Mohammad Golam Mostofa, Jinxin Wang, Ashim Sikdar & Tanwne Sarker 
BMC Plant Biology 20, 181 (2020) 

How does washing without water perform compared to the traditional bed bath: a systematic review
Fabian M. V. Groven, Sandra M. G. Zwakhalen, Gaby Odekerken-Schröder, Erik J. T. Joosten & Jan P. H. Hamers 
BMC Geriatrics 17, 31 (2017)

Design and assembly of a domestic water temperature, pH and turbidity monitoring system
Diana Rita Nanyanzi, Gilbert Gilibrays Ocen, Timothy Omara, Felix Bwire, Davis Matovu & Twaibu Semwogerere 
BMC Research Notes 14, 161 (2021) 

“Is there anything good about a water advisory?”: an exploration of the consequences of drinking water advisories in an indigenous community
Kayla J. Lucier, Corinne J. Schuster-Wallace, Derek Skead, Kathleen Skead & Sarah E. Dickson-Anderson 
BMC Public Health 20, 1704 (2020) 

Doppler radar rainfall prediction and gauge data
Jesse W. Lansford, Tyson H. Walsh, T. V. Hromadka II & P. Rao 
BMC Research Notes 13, 482 (2020)

Transgenic chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) harbouring AtDREB1a are physiologically better adapted to water deficit
Alok Das, Partha Sarathi Basu, Manoj Kumar, Jamal Ansari, Alok Shukla, Shallu Thakur, Parul Singh, Subhojit Datta, Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi, M S Sheshshayee, Kailash Chandra Bansal & Narendra Pratap Singh 
BMC Plant Biology 21, 39 (2021) 

Impact of mhealth messages and environmental cues on hand hygiene practice among healthcare workers in the greater Kampala metropolitan area, Uganda: study protocol for a cluster randomized trial
Richard K. Mugambe, Jane Sembuche Mselle, Tonny Ssekamatte, Moses Ntanda, John Bosco Isunju, Solomon T. Wafula, Winnifred K. Kansiime, Prossy Isubikalu, David Ssemwanga, Habib Yakubu & Christine L. Moe 
BMC Health Services Research 21, 88 (2021)

Hepatitis E virus outbreak associated with rainfall in the Central African Republic in 2008-2009
Vianney Tricou, Julie Bouscaillou, Gina-Laure Laghoe-Nguembe, Aubin Béré, Xavier Konamna, Benjamin Sélékon, Emmanuel Nakouné, Mirdad Kazanji & Narcisse P. Komas 
BMC Infectious Diseases 20, 260 (2020)

Is salinity the main ecological factor that influences foliar nutrient resorption of desert plants in a hyper-arid environment?
Lilong Wang, Xinfang Zhang & Shijian Xu 
BMC Plant Biology 20, 461 (2020)