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Table 4 Constraints of optimum condition

From: Process optimization and effect of thermal, alkaline, H2O2 oxidation and combination pretreatment of sewage sludge on solubilization and anaerobic digestion

NameGoalLower LimitUpper LimitLower WeightUpper WeightImportance
A: TemperatureMinimize7590114
B: pHMinimize812114
C: H2O2 ConcentrationMinimize060114
Cumulative MPMaximize314621115
Increase MPMaximize097.77115
Increase of sCODMaximize2.3219.29114
COD solubilizationMaximize3.6530.37114
Decrease of VSSMaximize1.9519.71113
VSS solubilizationMaximize4.9650.15113
Increase of ProteinMaximize0.523.91115
Increase of PolysaccharideMaximize0.010.59112