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Table 2 Summary of 2D residues diagram analysis for donepezil and vitexin generated by Biovia Discovery Studio Visualizer

From: Insights from molecular docking and molecular dynamics on the potential of vitexin as an antagonist candidate against lipopolysaccharide (LPS) for microglial activation in neuroinflammation

Ligand Interaction Amino Acid Residue Bond Distance
Type of Interacted Bond
Donepezil Cys25 6.43 π-Alkyl
Ile32 5.56 and 5.86 π -Alkyl and Alkyl
Ile52 5.03 Alkyl
Val61 6.17 Alkyl
Ile80 4.25 π -Sulfur
Phe121 7.56 π - π stacked
Ile124 5.56 Alkyl
Tyr131 5.13 and 5.91 π -Alkyl and π -Alkyl
Arg132 6.74 Carbon Hydrogen
Cys133 4.29 and 4.58 Alkyl and π -Sulfur
Phe151 6.37 π -Alkyl
Ile153 4.55 and 5.21 π -Sigma and Alkyl
Vitexin Cys25 7.30 π -Sulfur
Ile32 5.24 and 6.91 π -Alkyl and π -Alkyl
Ile46 4.60 and 5.89 Van der Waals and π -Alkyl
Ile52 5.96 and 7.04 π -Sigma and π -Alkyl