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Table 1 Phenotype and length of the inserted marker fragment in the eight ∆trp3 strains

From: Auxotrophic mutations of Trichophyton rubrum created by in vitro synthesized Cas9 ribonucleoprotein

StrainPhenotype*1Fragment length*2
∆trp3_c1_1PA2130 bp+1955 bp
∆trp3_c1_2PA270 bp+0 bp*5
∆trp3_c1_3PA2880 bp+2962 bp
∆trp3_c1_4PA0 bpNA
∆trp3_c1_5PA2370 bp+2380 bp
∆trp3_c2_1PA1900 bpNA
∆trp3_c2_2PA990 bpNA
∆trp3_c2_3PA2250 bpNA
  1. *1 A: Auxotrophic, P: Prototrophic
  2. *2 length of the inserted ura3 marker fragment
  3. *3 calculated from agarose gel electrophoresis with the LabImage Version 2.62 software. The last digit of the values were rounded up
  4. *4 counted from the Sanger sequencing result
  5. *5 no ura3 fragment was inserted, but an unintentional bacterial DNA fragment