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Table 1 Quantitative specifications of the principal stages of GFP purification

From: Purification of the recombinant green fluorescent protein from tobacco plants using alcohol/salt aqueous two-phase system and hydrophobic interaction chromatography

Processing stepTSPa (mg)GFPb (mg)Purityc (%)GFP Yield d (%)
Ethanol extraction5.54.887.358.5
n-butanol extraction4.74.289.451.2
HiScreen Capto Butyl2.92.896.634.1
  1. aAmount of the TSP was determined according to BCA
  2. bAmount of the GFP was measured by the ELISA
  3. cPurity is defined as the amount of GFP divided by the amount of TSP in the same sample
  4. dGFP Yield is defined as the amount of GFP recovered divided by initial amount of GFP in the crude extract of inoculated leaves