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Table 1 Proteins identified as upregulated in the presence of Mn (II) and information on Uniprot accession, protein name, gene, function, subcellular location and mass (Da)

From: Alterations in the proteomic composition of Serratia marcescens in response to manganese (II)

UniProt Accession Protein name Gene Function Subcellular location Mass (Da)
A8GHW2_SERP5 m Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamB bamB Part of the outer membrane protein assembly complex Cell outer membrane 42113
A8G901_SERP5 ATP-dependent zinc metalloprotease FtsH ftsH Plays a role in the quality control of integral membrane proteins Cell inner membrane 70508
DADA_SERP5 D-amino acid dehydrogenase dadA Oxidative deamination of D-amino acids. 47212
A8GAQ4_SERP5 m Ubiquinol oxidase subunit2 Spro_1090 Copper ion binding
cytochrome-c oxidase activity
Cell membrane 34933
A8GJS5_SERP5 Dihydroxyacetone kinase, L subunit Spro_4271 Glycerone kinase activity 22825
A8GFZ2_SERP5 Bifunctional protein PutA Spro_2931 Oxidizes proline to glutamate for use as a carbon and nitrogen source 144402