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Table 1 List of plasmids used in this study

From: A rapid in vitro method to flip back the double-floxed inverted open reading frame in a plasmid

list of plasmids
Plasmid Name Size of DIO or SIO (kb) Gene of interest Promoter Enzymes for cloning experiments Enzyme for in vitro experiments
 #1 pAAV-Ef1a-DIO-ORF1 2.4 ORF1 smCBA PstI, XhoI, BsrGI, NsiI
 #2 pAAV-smCBA-DIO-ORF1 2.4 ORF1 Ef1a NcoI, AgeI, XhoI  
 #3 pAAV-EF1a-DIO-EGFP 0.9 EGFP Ef1a NheI, EcoRI, BamHI, XhoI, BsrGI
 #4 pAAV-Ef1a-DIO-tdtomato 1.5 tdTomato Ef1a   BamHI, XhoI, BstXI
 #5 pAAV-Ef1a-DIO-ORF2 1.7 ORF2 Ef1a   BamHI, EcoRV
 #6 pAAV-Ef1a-SIO(loxP)-ORF1 2.4 ORF1 Ef1a PstI PstI
 #7 pAAV-Ef1a-SIO(lox2272)-ORF1 2.4 ORF1 Ef1a PstI PstI