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Fig. 4

From: Cell-based reference samples designed with specific differences in microRNA biomarkers

Fig. 4

Expression profiling of miRNAs of interest in candidate cell lines. Panel a shows the Cq values for each miRNA and measurement scenario (see Fig. 1). Total RNA samples were isolated in the BDL (black symbols) and BRL (red symbols) on three separate occasions (circles, squares, and triangles). RT-PCR results are from BDL (open symbols) and BRL (filled symbols), where the black line corresponds to the mean Cq for all isolation and PCR combinations. Horizontal jitter added for display purposes. Panel b is a Bland-Altman plot (or difference plot) of relative abundance, where ΔCq = Mix1 – Mix2 and the Cq values are predicted in silico from PCR measurements made in either the BDL (open symbols) or BRL (filled symbols) using pure total RNA profiles of component cells from each isolation (circles, squares, and triangles) performed in the BDL (black symbols) or BRL (red symbols) using Eq. 1 and the mixture design described in the Results. X-axis is in reverse order to indicate direction of relative abundance (i.e., lower Cq values indicates more starting material). Similarly, y-axis is in reverse order to indicate that a negative ΔCq corresponds to more starting material in Mix1 than Mix2

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