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Table 1 Novel protein engineered chimeric cry genes used in the study

From: Comprehensive in silico allergenicity assessment of novel protein engineered chimeric Cry proteins for safe deployment in crops

Sl. No Chimeric genes Parental genes/Domains Target insects
1 Cry1Aabc Cry1Aa(D-I) Cry1Ab(D-II) Cry1Ac(D-III) Lepidoptera
2 Cry1AcF Cry1Ac(D-I-II) Cry1F(D-III) Lepidoptera
3 Cry1AbBaBa Cry1Ab(D-I) Cry1Ba(D-II-III) Lepidoptera/Diptera
4 Cry1BaBaAb Cry1Ba(D-I-II) Cry1Ab(D-III) Lepidoptera/Diptera
5 Cry1AbBaAb Cry1Ab(D-I) Cry1Ba(D-II) Cry1Ab(D-III) Lepidoptera/Diptera
6 Cry1AcJAc Cry 1Ac(D-I) Cry1J(D-II) Cry1Ac(III) Lepidoptera
7 Cry1AaIa5Ia5 Cry1Aa (D-I) Cry1Ia5(D-II-III) Lepidoptera
8 Cry1AaB Cry1Aa(D-1) Cry1B(D-II-III) Lepidoptera