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Table 2 Relative enzymatic activity of pdc and adhB in four different engineered strains and standard error of the mean value (in brackets) for at least two independent measurements

From: Fermentation of lactose to ethanol in cheese whey permeate and concentrated permeate by engineered Escherichia coli

Engineered strain Relative pdc activitya Relative adhB activitya
MG1655-pL13 0.22 (0.005) 0.23 (0.124)
ML308-pL13 1 (-) 1 (-)
W-pL13 0.156 (0.012) 0.17 (0.019)
W-pLOI297 1.26 (0.325) 2.32 (0.831)
  1. aAll the reported activities for both pdc and adhB are normalized by the ones of ML308-pL13, measured in the same experiment. For this reason, the activity values of ML308-pL13 are always 1 and no standard error can be computed. Wild type strains were also assayed as controls and they showed no detectable activity for both enzymes (data not shown)