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Table 1 Reagent cost analysis

From: A streamlined method for the design and cloning of shRNAs into an optimized Dox-inducible lentiviral vector

Reagent Cost Source
EZ-Tet-pLKO plasmid $65 Addgene
PEG-8000 $38 (per 250 g) Sigma
shRNA oligo (sense/antisense) $22 (ea.) IDT
Screening primer (Fwd/Rev) $8 (ea.) IDT
Cloning enzymes (PNK, AP, ligase) $2.50 (per ligation) NEB, Affymetrix
Restriction enzymes $0.25 (per digest) NEB
PCR reagents $0.25 (per reaction) Empirical Bioscience
Total cost to clone first shRNA ~$170  
Cost per subsequent shRNA ~$50