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Table 1 A comparison of different nomenclature systems for ABC proteins

From: Diversity of ABC transporter genes across the plant kingdom and their potential utility in biotechnology

HUGO subfamily Sánchez-Fernández subfamilya ABCISSE familyb,c ABCISSE subfamilyb,c TC subfamilyd Domain organization Taxa
ABCA ABC1 homologue (AOH) Drug and antibiotic resistance (DRA) ABCA Cholesterol/phospholipid/retinal flippase (CPR) (TMD-NBD)2 eukaryotes (not yeast)
ABC2 homologue (ATH) TMD-NBD eukaryotes
ABCB Multidrug resistance (MDR) Drug, peptides and lipid export (DPL) p-glycoprotein (p-GP) MDR (TMD-NBD)2 prokaryotes and eukaryotes
Transporter associated with antigen processing (TAP) TAP and multidrug resistance-like protein (MDL) TAP and mitochondrial peptide exporter (MPE) TMD-NBD eukaryotes
ABC transporter of the mitochondria (ATM) Heavy metal tolerance (HMT) HMT TMD-NBD eukaryotes
- Lipid A-like exporter, putative (LLP) - TMD-NBD prokaryotes and plants
ABCC Multidrug resistance associated protein (MRP) Organic anion conjugates and drug export (OAD) MRP Conjugate transporter (CT) (TMD-NBD)2 eukaryotes
ABCD Peroxisomal membrane protein (PMP) Fatty acid export (FAE) - Peroxisomal fatty acyl-CoA transporter (P-FAT) TMD-NBD; (TMD-NBD)2 bacteria and eukaryotes
ABCE RNase L inhibitor (RLI) RNase L inhibitor (RLI) - - NBD-NBD archaea and eukaryotes
ABCF General control non-repressible (GCN) Antibiotic resistance and translation regulation (ART) Gene expression regulation (REG) - NBD-NBD bacteria and eukaryotes
ABCG White-brown complex homologue (WBC) Eye pigment precursors and drugs (EPD) WHITE Eye pigment precursor transporter (EPP) NBD-TMD bacteria and eukaryotes
Pleiotropic drug resistance (PDR) PDR PDR (NBD-TMD)2 plants and fungi
ABCH - Drug resistance, bacteriocin and lantibiotic immunity (DRI) YHIH   NBD-TMD prokaryotes, slime moulds, echinoderms, insects and fish
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