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Table 2 Expression vectors used in this study

From: Cold shock induction of recombinant Arctic environmental genes

Vector Fusion partners Fusion partner size (kDa)a Promoter Linker (aa)b Resistance gene Manufacturer
pCold-II His n.d. cspA - bla Takara
pCold-II-TEV His 3 cspA 16 bla This study
pCold-II-TRX-TEV His, TRX 15 cspA 11 bla This study
pCold-II-MBP-TEV His, MBP 43 cspA 11 bla This study
pCold-II-SUMO His, SUMO 13 cspA 0 bla This study
pCold-II-TF-TEV His, TF 51 cspA 12 bla This study
  1. a n.d. not determined (not relevant for this work)
  2. bGiven as the region from the His-tag to the start of candidate sequence insertion site, including the TEV site (7 aa)