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Figure 6

From: Rheological characterization of an injectable alginate gel system

Figure 6

Storage modulus and kinetics of alginate gels as a function of non-gelling salts. Upper panel: Storage modulus of alginate gels as a function of time for gels made of sodium alginate (F g = 0.7 and M W  = 219 kDa) and Sr alginate in the presence or absence of sodium chloride or hexametaphosphate. The total alginate concentration was 2.1%, consisting of 1.0% from sodium alginate and 1.1% from Sr alginate. Oscillatory stress-time curves were fitted to the data as described to obtain final storage modulus (A) and half time (t 1/2 ). Lower panel: Final storage modulus and half time (with standard error), calculated from fitted curves. All data points are shown as the mean with standard error of three independent runs (only one run for 0.9% NaCl).

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