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Table 3 Transduction efficiency of lentiviral vectors pseudotyped with GP64 variants on hepatocytes and non parenchymal cells of murine liver.

From: Reduction of liver macrophage transduction by pseudotyping lentiviral vectors with a fusion envelope from Autographa californicaGP64 and Sendai virus F2 domain





wtGP64 (n = 5)

9.9 ± 2.7

79.3 ± 12.1


Sendai-GP64/wtGP64 (n = 7)

9.5 ± 4.7

24.6 ± 19.6 a


Sendai-spGP64/wtGP64 (n = 4)

5.6 ± 1.4b

47.5 ± 19.4b


  1. Lentiviral vectors pseudotyped with wild type GP64 or mixes of wild type GP64 and Sendai-GP64 fusion proteins were generated and concentrated as described.
  2. Mice were injected in the portal vein with 0.5 × 108 HepG2 transducing units of each virus. After one week frozen fixed liver sections were prepared from the medial and left lobes and GFP positive cells were counted using a fluorescence microscope.
  3. NPC: nonparenchymal liver cells.
  4. Specificity was calculated as the ratio of GFP positive hepatocytes/mm2 to GFP positive NPC/mm2 and indicates relative affinity for hepatocytes.
  5. a represents a significant difference (p < 0.005) between wtGP64 and Sendai-GP64/wtGP64 transduced animals. b represents a significant difference (p < 0.05) between wtGP64 and Sendai-spGP64/wtGP64 transduced animals.