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Archived Comments for: Antibody expressing pea seeds as fodder for prevention of gastrointestinal parasitic infections in chickens

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  1. Are Antibodies better than Antibiotics?

    Marko Radic, University of Tennessee

    23 September 2009

    The overuse of antibiotics is contributing to problems of drug resistance and outbreaks of exotic parasites in poultry. Alternatives are sorely needed. Here is an approach using recombinant antibodies expressed in feed plants to passively provide "immunity" to birds. Will there be an outcry over using recombinant DNA that is one step removed from the human consumer? Are dangers (perceived and real) associated with GMF also applicable to the consumption of chickens that feed on a genetically-modified plant? Presumably, a breast or drumstick of such a bird would not contain any traces of the antibody proteins. Still a concern?

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