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Figure 5

From: High-titer preparation of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV) displaying recombinant protein in silkworm larvae by size exclusion chromatography and its characterization

Figure 5

SDS-PAGE analysis of proteins in purified rBmNPV-hPRR at 4 and 5 days by CBB stain. Envelope and nucleocapsid proteins of purified rBmNPV-hPRR were separated by SDS-PAGE using 12% polyacrylamide. Lane 1, purified rBmNPV-hPRR at 4 days (1.1 μg of protein); lane 2, purified rBmNPV-hPRR at 5 days (1.6 μg of protein). a-g denotes main protein bands of rBmNPV-hPRR.

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