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Table 2 Phenotypes induced by certain EGSs

From: Generation of an external guide sequence library for a reverse genetic screen in Caenorhabditis elegans

EGS clone Phenotype Target Corresponding RNAi phenotype
EGS-8 sterile   
EGS-26 sterile   
EGS-29 slow postembryonic growth   
EGS-35 slow postembryonic growth
ZK858.7 Slow growth
sterile progeny
embryonic lethal
organism morphology abnormal
maternal sterile
transposon silencing abnormal
EGS-41 larval lethality   
EGS-43 sterile   
EGS-80 sterile   
EGS-83 Sterile
larval arrest
Lin-13 Sterile F1
Larval arrest
organism morphology abnormal
protruding vulva
EGS-105 larval lethality   
EGS-127 slow postembryonic growth   
EGS-139 slow postembryonic growth   
EGS-156 sterile   
EGS-189 sterile   
EGS-201 larval lethality   
EGS-225 slow postembryonic growth   
EGS-265 larval lethality   
EGS-289 sterile   
EGS-296 sterile