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Table 2 Comparative time frame of chromato-panning protocol and tube panning protocol

From: Chromato-panning: an efficient new mode of identifying suitable ligands from phage display libraries

Chromato-panning Tube panning
Round 1 (h) Round 1 (h)
Column equilibration 0.25 Target coating 18
   Wash-postcoat 2.25
On column panning 1 Phage incubation 20
   Washing/elution 0.50
On column infection 0.50 Infection 0.50
Elution 0.25   
Plating/amplification 18 Plating/amplification 18
Phage recovery 3 Phage recovery 3
Time ~23 h   ~62 h
No additional panning rounds are needed   2 additional panning rounds are performed
Phage incubation R2/3
TOTAL TIME ~23 h   ~152 h
  1. A mean time frame of each step in the panning procedure is presented for one panning round. The total time represents the time frame for a complete panning procedure as described in Methods.