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Table 1 Statistical analysis data

From: Chromato-panning: an efficient new mode of identifying suitable ligands from phage display libraries

Library Id Panning round Top-value 95% CI R2
C6 a T r1 0.853 [0.712–0.994]bc 0.979
  b T r3 1.622 [1.382–1.862]a 0.978
  c C r1 1.605 [1.370–1.839]a 0.981
L6 a T r1 0.697 [0.600–0.794]bc 0.990
  b T r3 1.640 [1.500–1.780]a 0.990
  c C r1 1.545 [1.299–1.790]a 0.962
L15 a T r1 1.354 [1.279–1.430]c 0.999
  b T r3 1.382 [1.180–1.584]c 0.986
  c C r1 1.832 [1.645–2.020]ab 0.994
  1. For the three phage libraries C6, L6 and L15, top-values, 95% CI and R2 (see Material and Methods) was calculated and compared for the tube panning round 1, 3 (Tr1, Tr3) and chromato-panning procedure round 3 (Cr1). Superscripts denote statistical significant difference (p < 0.05) between top-values (e.g. top "a" is statistically significant different from tops "b" and "c").