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Table 2 Proteins not expressing in E. coli in vitro or in wheat germ or in both systems. Molecular weight was calculated by translation of the DNA sequence. Localization information was taken from the Uniprot database. Domain information was retrieved from the Pfam database: cc: coiled coil, tms: transmembrane segment, sp signal peptide. Empty fields correspond to no assignment in the database.

From: A systematic approach for testing expression of human full-length proteins in cell-free expression systems

Hit Acc. No. Gene symbol Mw in kDa Localization Domains Expression in E. coli in vitro Expression in wheat germ
NM_007317 KIF22 74 nuclear 1cc,, no no
NM_015723 PNPLA8 89 membrane   no no
NM_020748 KIAA1287 135 n/a   no no
NM_018127 ELAC2 93 nuclear   no no
NM_015072 TTLL5 92 n/a 3cc,, no no
NM_014585 SLC40A1 63 membrane ,,10tms no no
NM_020470 YIF1A 32 membrane ,,5tms no yes
NM_004394 DAP 12 secreted   no yes
NM_001014835 PAK4 64 n/a   no yes
NM_013296 GPSM2 55 n/a   no yes
NM_006812 OS-9 70 n/a 1cc1sp1tms no yes
NM_014860 SUPT7L 47 n/a 1cc,, no yes
NM_003908 EIF2S2 39 nuclear   no yes
NM_006321 ARIH2 58 nucleus 2cc,, no yes
NM_002816 PSMD12 53 cytosol 1cc,, no yes
NM_000984 RPL23A 18 cytosol   no yes
NM_002134 HMOX2 36 microsomal 1cc,1tms yes no
NM_018099 MLSTD1 60 intracellular ,,2tms yes no
NM_013277 RACGAP1 71 intracellular 1cc,, yes no
NM_003263 TLR1 91 membrane 1sp,1tms yes no
NM_032292 FLJ20203 91 n/a 1cc,, yes no
NM_014149 HSPC049 78 n/a 1cc,, yes no