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Table 1 Mortality induced by different volumes of injection. The disruptive effect of injection volume was estimated by testing three different volumes (46, 23 and 5 nl) of cathepsin-L dsRNA, bacterial LacZ control dsRNA, or water. For each tested volume, 20 L3 were injected and the mortality within the two days following the injection was measured and expressed as a percentage of injected aphids.

From: Gene knockdown by RNAi in the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum

Injected volume Injected material Mortality (%)
46 nl ds1-Ap-cath-L 45
  ds-LacZ 38
  H2O 29
23 nl ds-LacZ 11
  H2O 13
5 nl ds-LacZ 16
  H2O 14