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Table 1 KM and Vmax values of AOX towards methanol for natural and mutant H. polymorpha strains.

From: Isolation and characterization of mutated alcohol oxidases from the yeast Hansenula polymorpha with decreased affinity toward substrates and their use as selective elements of an amperometric biosensor

H. polymorpha strain КМ, mM Vmax, μmol of atomic O·min-1·mg-1 of protein at 20°C Sigma factor, σ Linear regression coefficient R for reciprocal plot
DL-1-356 0.62 27.4 0.084 0.992
CA2 2.48 66.7 0.040 0.958*
CA4 1.10 31.3 0.130 0.990
  1. * A relatively low value of linear regression coefficient R for reciprocal plot for CA2-AOX can be explained by decreased activity measured and with accordingly increased error value