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Table 1 Preparation of DNA standards. Details of the conditions used in preparation of the serial dilution DNA solutions for standard curve construction.

From: Routes to improving the reliability of low level DNA analysis using real-time PCR

Method DNA Standard preparation condition
1 Standard plastics (1.5 ml microtubes, Alpha).
Water as diluent (Tissue culture water, Sigma, UK).
2 Standard plastics.
Stabilising solution as diluent (Stabilising component for DNA standards, Cambio, UK).
3 Standard plastics.
Carrier DNA as diluent (Herring Sperm DNA, Sigma, UK @ 10 μg/ml).
4 Low retention plastics (Non-stick hydrophobic microtubes 1.5 ml, Alpha).
Water as diluent.
5 Low retention plastics.
Stabilising solution as diluent.
6 Low retention plastics.
Carrier DNA as diluent.