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Figure 2

From: Expression of self-complementary hairpin RNA under the control of the rolCpromoter confers systemic disease resistance to plum pox virus without preventing local infection

Figure 2

Southern blot analysis of ihprolC-PP197 N. benthamiana plants. Panel A. Transgenic state of T0 independent lines 2, 9, 29 and 13. Genomic DNA from control untransformed plant (lane 1) and transgenic lines 29, 9 and 2 (lanes 2, 3 and 5, respectively) was digested with HindIII; genomic DNA from transgenic line 13 (lane 4) was digested with DraI. Panel B. Transgenic state of line 8. Genomic DNA from T0 line 8 (lane 1) and T1 progeny kanamycin resistant plants (lanes 2–12) was digested with HindIII. Panel C. Schematic drawing of the construct showing the position of the probes used in the Southern blot analysis. The probes used for lines 2, 9, 29, 8 and for line 13 are indicated with green and red boxes, respectively. Only restriction sites relevant for Southern analysis are shown. Expected bands for lines 2, 9, 29 and 8 should be longer than 620 bp. In line 13, the expected band should be higher than 1570 bp, however the integration event has removed approximately 600 bp from the T-DNA LB.

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