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Figure 2

From: Disruption of vitellogenin gene function in adult honeybees by intra-abdominal injection of double-stranded RNA

Figure 2

Targeted vitellogenin disruption. (a) Individual samples of workers injected as embryo and (b) workers injected as adults. All bees were sampled as 7 days old. Total RNA loaded was 6 μg, and an equal 0.1 μl hemolymph volume was loaded for SDS-PAGE. (c) Visualization of ~500 bp fragment in a worker injected as adult. Lane 1: Control. Lane 2: 6 μg total RNA. Lane 3: 20 μg total RNA. (d) Pooled samples of 10 workers each enriched with small RNA fragments. Two oligonucleotides (27 and 50 bp) were included as markers. Lane 1: Control. Lane 2: Adult workers injected with dsRNA at the preblastoderm stage. Lane 3: Intra-abdominally injected workers.

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