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Figure 4

From: Quantitative assessment of the use of modified nucleoside triphosphates in expression profiling: differential effects on signal intensities and impacts on expression ratios

Figure 4

Mismatch discrimination of DAP- or MeC-substituted and control samples. Specificity was determined by introducing single or multiple adjacent, centrally located mismatches in several test probes. Signal intensities of mismatch (MM) probes are plotted as a function of the percent of the perfect match (PM) control for unmodified (diamonds), partially DAP-modified (triangles), fully DAP-substituted (boxes), and fully-MeC-substituted (x) cRNA targets for the transcripts corresponding to the following accession numbers: (A) (X79067), (B) (AF067139), (C) (Z83844), and (D) (NM_004323).

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