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Table 1 Enzymatic activity of the recombinant FGF-1 from transgenic S. miltiorrhiza

From: Ectopic expression of human acidic fibroblast growth factor 1 in the medicinal plant, Salvia miltiorrhiza, accelerates the healing of burn wounds

  FGF-1 content ED50 (dilution) AU/mL U/mg
S-FGF 200 ng/mL 41.5 50 2.5 × 105
T-SM 10 ng/mL 41.47 48 4.8 × 106
  1. Effective dose 50 (ED50) is determined by MTT assay curve using Balb/c 3 T3 cells. The dilution fold is used to determine that compounds are active at that concentration to proliferate 50% of the cell growth. The enzymatic activity of recombinant FGF-1 from transgenic S. miltiorrhiza (T-SM) is determined in terms of AU/mL in relation to a standard human acid FGF-1 (S-FGF) with a known activity (50 AU/mL). The specific enzymatic activity Units of FGF in T-SM was calculated as 48 AU/mL (41.47/41.50 × 50 AU/mL), with a conversion of (1000 × 1000/10 ng) × 48 = 4.8 × 106 U/mg.