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Table 1 Specific activity of Tth Abn on various substrates

From: Expression and characterization of a GH43 endo-arabinanase from Thermotoga thermarum

Substrate Specific activity (μmol arabinose min−1 mg−1)
Linear arabinan 237.7 ± 10.0
Debranched arabinan 199.7 ± 6.8
Sugar beet arabinan 42.5 ± 1.5
1,4-β-D-Mannan ND
Galactan ND
p-Nitrophenyl-α-L-arabinofuranoside ND
p-Nitrophenyl-β-D-xylopyranoside ND
  1. ND: not detected. Values shown were the mean of triplicate experiments, and the variation about the mean was below 5%.