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Table 2 Dissociation of mRNA/PEI polyplexes

From: Exogenous mRNA delivery and bioavailability in gene transfer mediated by piggyBac transposition

  Mean number of red dots Mean number of green dots Mean number of yellow dots
mRNA/PEI polyplexes 1.9 (±1.7) 18% 3.6 (±1.8) 35% 4.8 (±3.1) 47%
  1. Dissociation of red fluorescent-labeled mRNA from green fluorescent PEI polyplexes 3 h post-transfection. Yellow dots are obtained when there is colocalization. Each value represents the average number of detected dots for each color ± standard deviation per whole cell. Three separate experiments were performed and at least 20 cells were analysed using confocal microscopy and ImageJ software for each condition.