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Figure 2

From: Baculovirus-mediated gene transfer in butterfly wings in vivo: an efficient expression system with an anti-gp64 antibody

Figure 2

Percentages of GFP-positive individuals, eclosed individuals, and the degrees of fluorescence in baculovirus-injected J. orithya pupae. Virus titers are shown in pfu/mL. Note that pfu/mL can be converted to pfu/individual by the factor of × (2 × 10-3). (A) Percentages of GFP-positive pupae (green) and successfully eclosed individuals (red) at various baculovirus titers. Baculovirus (2 μL) was injected 24 hours post-pupation. (B) Proportions of GI, GII, and GIII levels of GFP fluorescence in fluorescent pupae at various baculovirus titers.

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