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Table 2 Rinse-conditioner composition - enzymatic hydrolysates from chicken feathers

From: Feather keratin hydrolysates obtained from microbial keratinases: effect on hair fiber

  Components % (P/P)
Oily Phase  
Cetearyl Alcohol 5
Phenova 0.5
Cetrimonium chloride 0.5
Aqueous Phase  
Germall 115 0.2
Essence of anis 0.5
Color 0.2
Keratin Hydrolyzed 10
Distilled water qs 100 ml
  1. All components of the oily phase were heated (75°C) together and homogenized until complete dissolution. In another container, the Germall was dissolved by heating to 80°C. After reaching the required temperatures, the oily phase was added to the water phase, under agitation, until fully emulsified. The solution obtained was placed in a cold bath, homogenized and the other substances of the aqueous phase were then added.