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Table 1 Yield and percentage recovery of recombinant HIV-1 CA

From: Production and purification of polymerization-competent HIV-1 capsid protein p24 (CA) in NiCo21(DE3) Escherichia coli

Sample Total protein (mg) HIV CA (mg) Purity (%)
Soluble lysate 288 39 13.5
Chitin beads 166 25 15.06
IMAC 17.5 17 97.1
  1. NiCo21(DE3)-pACYC-RIL expressing HIV-1 CA were grown in super broth the presence of 0.05 mM IPTG at 22°C for 12 hours and processed to purify recombinant protein as described in Methods. Quantities of recombinant HIV-1 CA are based on average values from three independent 100 mL expression cultures. HIV-1 CA was quantified by densitometry of bands on a western blots and the Qubit fluorometric total protein assay.