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Table 1 pGOv5-based constructs a

From: A simplified counter-selection recombineering protocol for creating fluorescent protein reporter constructs directly from C. elegans fosmid genomic clones

Construct Insert Intron 1e Intron 2
pNH001 [(G4S)3]::C-TAP-tag::2xNLS b - -
pNH002 N-TAP-tag::[(G4S)3]::mTFP1 c - -
pNH009 N-TAP-tag::mTFP1 - -
pNH013 mTFP1 d - -
pNH026 mTFP1::[(G4S)3]::C-TAP-tag - -
pNH030 mTFP1::[(G4S)3]::2xNLS - -
pNH078 mTFP1[1I] d B -
pNH082 mTFP1[2I] d B C
  1. a All constructs are in E. coli DH5α and are available from Addgene b lacks intact open-reading frame; c mTFP1 sequence lacks N-terminal Met-Val and C-terminal Lys residues present in native sequence; d N-terminal Met-Val residues and C-terminal Lys residue, present in native coding sequence, replaced, respectively, with Met-Ala-Ala and Val-Ser-Ala; e see Additional file 1: Table S2.