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Table 1 Analysis of EuIPI enzymatic activity

From: Overexpression of an isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase gene to enhance trans-polyisoprene production in Eucommia ulmoides Oliver

  Background (no enzyme) EuIPI (5 μg)
[4-14C] IPP Incorporation (DPM) 65.92 ± 2.86 417.19 ± 4.86
  1. For EuIPI enzymatic activity assay, the 50-μL reaction mixture contained 10 nmol [4-14C] IPP (37 GBq/mol) substrate and 5 μg purified protein (0.5 μg/μL). Radioactivity of reacted products was measured with a liquid scintillation counter as described in the Materials and methods. Distilled water (no enzyme) was used for background measurement; Data represent means ± standard error, n=3.