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Table 1 Analysis of transfection efficiency of human primary calvarial suture mesenchymal cells by lipid-based transfection methods

From: Development of an efficient, non-viral transfection method for studying gene function and bone growth in human primary cranial suture mesenchymal cells reveals that the cells respond to BMP2 and BMP3

Transfection Method % Cell Survival % Transfection Efficiency
Turbofect ND 1.5±0.2
Lipofectamine 2000 ND 1.6±0.1
DOTAP ND 1.4±0.1
X-Fect ND 4.1±0.1
Endofectine 64.9±8.5 2.8±0.6
Metafectine 89.6±12.1 3.5±0.3
  1. ND = not determined. Values ± SD represent the mean of 3 biological replicates.