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Table 2 Specifications of the primary antibodies used for flowcytometer (FC) and immunocytochemistry (IC)

From: Isolation and characterization of Wharton’s jelly-derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells obtained from bovine umbilical cord and maintained in a defined serum-free three-dimensional system

  Antibody Dilution Species Supplier
   FC IC   
CD34 Hematopoetic percurssor cells and MSCs 1:50 1:100 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
CD45 Anti-bone marrow lymphoid cells 1:50 1:100 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
CD44 Cellular receptor for hyaluronic acid reactive with bone marrow nucleated cells 1:30 1:50 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
CD90 Anti-THy1 antigen 1:30 1:50 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
CD105 Anti-endoglin 1:50 1:25 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
CD29 Anti-integrin β1 1:50 1:25 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
CD73 Anti-nucleotidase 1:25 1:25 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
Anti- Vimentin Anti-vimentin clone V9 1:50 1:500 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
Anti- cytokeratin Anti-Pan cytokeratin clone PCK-26 1:100 1:100 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®
GFAP Glial fribrillary acidic protein 1:50 1:500 Mouse Dako®
CXR4 CXC chemokine receptor 4 1:50 1:150 Mouse Calbiochem®
SNAP-25 Synaptosomal- associated 25  kDa protein 1:50 1:100 Mouse Prestige Antibodies™
Anti-N200 Meurofilament 200 Kda 1:100 1:100 Mouse Sigma-Aldrich®