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Table 2 Purification summary of PCPEL2 expressed by pMAL system

From: Comparison of expression, purification and characterization of a new pectate lyase from Phytophthora capsiciusing two different methods

Purification steps Total protein
Total activityb
Specific activity
(U/mg protein)
Crude supernatanta 860.5 100 13768 16 1
Amylose Resin affinity chromatography with MBP 22.6 2.63 3051 135 8.4
Amylose Resin affinity chromatography without MBP 7.5 0.87 6450 860 53.8
  1. a The starting material was 1 L of crude E. coli supernatant.
  2. b Enzyme activity was defined as the amount of enzyme that produced a change in absorbance of 0.001 at 232 nm/min, as determined by the formation of unsaturated uronide.