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Figure 3

From: Isolation and functional characterization of a cotton ubiquitination-related promoter and 5'UTR that drives high levels of expression in root and flower tissues

Figure 3

Nucleotide sequence of the cotton uceA1.7 regulatory region and uceApro2 promoter. The nucleotides are numbered with respect to the predicted transcription start site (TSS), taken as +1. Italicized characters are used for the transcribed sequence. Cis-acting sequence motifs identified by PlantCARE software are boxed (listed in Table 1) and identified by letters (a to w). Minus signs denote reverse and complement sequence motifs. The predicted core promoter motifs, CAAT Box (g), TATA Box (i), Y Patch (j) and YR Rule (k), are black shaded and in white letters. An intron in 5'UTR is gray shaded with lowercase letters. Translated GhGDRP85 sequence is in bold. The annealing regions of W4, UCE2 and uceApro2 primers are shown with arrows. The uceApro2 promoter corresponds to the nucleotide region -417 to +31.

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