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Table 1 Comparison of expression levels and N-glycan composition of SEAP in Sf9, High Five, and Ao38 cells

From: Ao38, a new cell line from eggs of the black witch moth, Ascalapha odorata (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), is permissive for AcMNPV infection and produces high levels of recombinant proteins

Cell line Sf9 High Five Ao38
Expression level (U/ml) 6 11.6 23.2
Identified glycans Man2, Man3, Man3F, Man4, Man5-8 Man2, Man3, Man4, Man4F, Man5-8 Man2F, Man3F, Man4F, Man3F1,2
    Man2-6, HexNAc-Man3
  Man3F: 30% Man3: 25% Man3F: 53% for N139
Major componenta Man4: 40% Man4F: 15% Man6: 31% for N266
    Man3: 29% for N266
  1. a Percent composition of the major component of N-glycans were determined by LC/MS/MS for each glycan (N139 or N266) of Ao38-expressed SEAP, and compared with published data from total glycans of SEAP expressed in Sf9 and High Five cells (see reference [10]).