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Table 4 Comparison of Amino Acid Frequency in surrogates with expected frequencies.

From: A surrogate-based approach for post-genomic partner identification

  Arg Gly Trp Ser
Expected 9.4 6.3 3.1 9.4
Library 9.4 11.6 3.1 7.7
M1 13.9 12.6 5.2 10
M2 13 13 4.3 8.3
M3 12.4 12.3 5.1 9.8
  1. The expected frequency of each amino acid within the library was calculated based on the probability of occurrence for each codon in the library. These data were compared to the actual frequency of occurrence in the library before and after panning on the various mRNA targets denoted as M1, M2, and M3. All numbers are expressed as a percentage of the expected frequency.