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Table 1 Preparation and properties of polystyrene ball modified with copolymers of acrylamide and methacryloyl hydrazide

From: Oriented antibody immobilization to polystyrene macrocarriers for immunoassay modified with hydrazide derivatives of poly(meth)acrylic acid

Copolymer 4-Nitro- Nitrogen content Copolymer Content of active hydrazide groups on
  phenyl in the copolymer activity by a carrier (μmol/cm2), determined
  acrylate by elemental the reaction   
     by the decrease in the by the reaction
  content, analysis, % with TNBS*,   
     copolymer content in of ball with
  mol.% (theoretical OD520   
     solution TNBS
CAMAH-1 10 19.1 (20.8) 0.39 0.42 0.06
CAMAH-2 33 24.6 (23.1) 1.42 1.23 0.31
CAMAH-3 50 24.5 (24.5) 1.28 1.05 0.31
  1. * 0.2 ml of a copolymer solution (0.1 mg/ml) was added to 1 ml of 2.5 · 10-3 M TNBS solution in 0.1 M borax. The solution obtained was allowed to stay for 15 min, and then OD520 was measured.