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Table 5 Experiment II. Protection of vaccinated calves against tick infestationsa.

From: The evaluation of yeast derivatives as adjuvants for the immune response to the Bm86 antigen in cattle

  Percent of reduction of
Immunogen / adjuvant Tick Tick Egg   Efficacyf
  Numberb WeightC laying Fertilitye (%)
Bm86 / Montanide 888 35 45 61 40 85
Bm86 / cells 0 6 14 0 14
Bm86 / membrane / saponin 18 26 27 30 58
  1. a Experiments were conducted as described in Table 4. b Percent reduction of the adult female ticks. cPercent reduction on the mean weight of the engorged tick. d Percent reduction in the laying capacity of the adult female ticks. e Percent reduction in the mean weight of the larvae per gram of eggs. f Efficacy (%) = 100 × {1- (CRT × CRO × CRF)}; CRT: Reduction in the number of engorging ticks; CRO: Reduction in the egg laying capacity; CRF: Reduction in fertility.