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Table 2 Efficiency of lysogenisation by phage λ cI857 S7 of E. coli cells cultivated in different media

From: Inhibition of spontaneous induction of lambdoid prophages in Escherichia colicultures: simple procedures with possible biotechnological applications

Medium Efficiency of lysogenisationa
  m.o.i. = 1 m.o.i. = 10
LB 0.44 0.72
M9GluCaa 0.06 0.14
M9Glu 0.02 0.14
M9Gly 0.82 0.96
  1. a An efficiency of lysogenisation of 1 would represent 100% lysogens among survivors and presented values reflect this value. The results are average values from three experiments. In all cases, the standard deviation was below 10%