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Table 1 Starting parameters of the modelled scenarios

From: Self-limiting fall armyworm: a new approach in development for sustainable crop protection and resistance management

Parameter Protein 1 Protein 2
Relative fitness of ss genotype on transgenic plant (Ωss) 0.01 0.2
Relative fitness of rs genotype on transgenic plant (Ωrs) 0.02 0.4
Relative fitness of rr genotype on transgenic plant (Ωrr) 1 1
Relative fitness of all genotypes on refuge plants 1 1
Initial resistance allele frequency (pr) 0.005 0.1
Frequency of resistance alleles in released OX5382G 0.005
Number of insecticidal proteins produced by the crop 1 or 2
Proportion of the crop that is refuge 1%, 5%, or 10%
Number of offspring per female that survive to adulthood (\(R\)) 5
  1. ss, homozygous susceptible genotype; rs, heterozygous genotype; rr, homozygous resistant genotype