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Table 1 Yields of different types of polysaccharide from P. polycephalum

From: Cytotoxicity activities and chemical characteristics of exopolysaccharides and intracellular polysaccharides of Physarum polycephalum microplasmodia

Parameter Amount (g/l)
Dried microplasmodial biomass* 11.67 ± 0.52
Crude EPS 4.43a ± 0.44
Partially purified EPS 2.95a ± 0.85
Crude IPS **3.46a ± 0.36 (0.30 g/g dried biomass)
Partially purified IPS **2.45a ± 0.36 (0.21 g/g dried biomass)
  1. **indicates the amount of the intracellular polysaccharides obtained from one liter of the culture medium (g/l). These figures were calculated based on their contents in one gram of the dried biomass (data inside the brackets), and the total dried biomass obtained from one liter of the culture medium*. The same letter (a) indicates insignificant difference (p > 0.05)