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Table 1 Selected fosmid clones based on growth rates on three different hydrocarbon substrates

From: Mining of two novel aldehyde dehydrogenases (DHY-SC-VUT5 and DHY-G-VUT7) from metagenome of hydrocarbon contaminated soils

Hydrocarbon substrates Selected clones
Hexadecane pFos_A1, pFos_A7, pFos_B2, pFos_B3 and pFos_F2
Octadecene pFos_D3, pFos_D8, pFos_F1, pFos_F3 and pFos_A4
Cyclohexane pFos_A2, pFos_C7, pFos_B7, pFos_D7 and pFos_G3