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Table 1 Summary of DPIP Purification

From: Intein-mediated recombinant expression of monomeric B22Asp desB30 insulin

Target proteinb(mg)Approximate purityc(%)Yieldd(%)
Cell lysis200.33133.82 (CBD-intein-DPIP)66.8100
Refolding of fusion protein156.26116.73 (CBD-intein-DPIP)74.787.2
Chitin column and intein-mediated cleavage0.6210.548 (DPIP)88.32.4
  1. One liter of culture contained about 3.2 g wet weight cells
  2. a: Total protein was quantified by Bradford assay
  3. b: The amount of fusion protein was calculated based on the following formula: target protein = total protein amount x approximate purity
  4. c: The purities of fusion protein were determined by densitometry analysis of their corresponding SDS gel bands
  5. d: The relative low recovery of DPIP was partially due to the low molecular weight of DPIP (6 kDa) compared to the fusion precursor CBD-intein-DPIP (33 kDa)