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Table 1 Crude yield of scFvFc 2G8 produced HR. Concentration of functional antibody produced in the extracts of roots, sampled at day 14 of culture cycle, was calculated by quantitative ELISA and values indicate average yield ± standard error (SE, n = 3). The yields are reported as Ab μg for g of fresh weight (FW) or Ab percentage in total soluble proteins (TSP) extracts of HR.

From: Optimised production of an anti-fungal antibody in Solanaceae hairy roots to develop new formulations against Candida albicans

 scFvFc 2G8 Yield
μg/g% TSP
N. benthamiana
 Clone 723.12 ± 0.591.25
 Clone 918.35 ± 1.621.20
S. lycopersicum
 Clone 225.17 ± 0.601.36
 Clone 1168.22 ± 3.572.44