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Fig. 2

From: A self-aggregating peptide: implications for the development of thermostable vaccine candidates

Fig. 2

PH(1–110) GFP particles show lower rigidity than PH-WT-GFP particles. a The images show the process of FRAP in PH-WT-GFP particles (top) and PH(1–110) GFP particles (bottom). The bleach site is shown with red arrows and the panels on the right (140 min) show the last FRAP evaluation point. b Percentage of fluorescence recovery after 140 min of bleach. Error bars indicate the means ± SD; n = 10 for PH-WT-GFP particles; n = 14 for PH(1–110) GFP particles. *** p < 0.001 (two-tailed Student’s t-test)

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